Building up on Kent Island


Like I have stated in one of my previous blogs, I have a serious issue with building homes along shore lines. It is a rising issue that effects shore lines and with the increase in water levels due, to global warming, it is not smart. One of the main issues with living by water, whether it be the ocean, river, or a bay, is that every person now wants to live by the water. With increasing populations along these water ways, the land may not be able to support these populations. Rising water levels decreases property lines along the water. Soon enough, an area that uses to house homes could be under water. With that in mind, it would be more beneficial to stop building along shore lines because of what is predicted in the feature and decrease population growth in a community.

While listening to a lecture on population growth on Kent Island, it had triggered a thought. If the state is so concerned about the increasing population, why not just stop building new homes in these areas. If you don’t allow the new homes, new roads will not have to built, and people will not be able to move into the homes, they will be forced to move else where, maybe possibly on the western part of the state that has a much less population density. If the over all population of the United States where be evenly spread out around the country, areas would not be as crammed. Now a days, ever time I drive, I feel as if I pass an area where a new development is being built. The problems with building developments is the concern of run off from all the impervious surfaces as well as habitat distruction. If you were to look at a maple of the Eastern shore, you will notice that there is little forest for wildlife to live in. All of the land is occupied by farming and development. Development also includes shopping markets and homes. One thing that I have noticed growing up in my town is about every mile or so, there is a Walgreens or a Rite Aid. These stores sell pretty much the same things but what I don’t understand is the need to have four in one town. My town is not big to begin with and I could remember before these convent stores where built. We hade one Rite Aid in the middle of the town but with new development of homes, the town assumed we needed three more stores.

If population is getting out of control, why bother increasing the population of the area by building more homes. I would be more beneficial to stop the growth so that the town does not have to spend money on new roads and pipe lines. This is an issue on Kent Island because the county wants to build more homes on the island. This is not a good idea because we are already seeing a difference in the islands size due to sea level rise. Also, this will increase the traffic on the island which is already an issue. With putting more people on the island, there will be a greater loss of island habitat and more traffic with will result in new roads that will lost money. In all, the building of homes and development needs to stop along water or else the earth will run out of space.



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