Camping at Chino

I can’t believe that we are already on day 4 of our first journey. Seams like orientation week had just started and that tomorrow we will play in the water and soak up the sun. But that is not the case. Already, I have learned so much in this journey. From Schindler breaking open a cow bone and tasting bone marrow for the first time, to driving all the way down to Colonial Williamsburg Viringia has been a great way to kick off the two weeks.

While camping at chino farms, it really opened my eyes and gain appritiation for how the settlers handled the environment and the limited resources they had. With dr. Schindler there, I’m sure to any of the Indians, we had had a feast going for ourselves. We had cow bone marrow, duck, sassafras tea, rabbit, squirrel, prickly pear cactus, cattail roots, hickory nuts, and squash. Besides the meat, which was so kindle brought to us, we had to go foraging. That, however, did no favors for me because of the fact that I am allergic to everything green. I could not participate in most of the tasting but by some of the looks of the faces of my fellow students tasting these plants, I did not miss much. Probably one of my favret plants we looked for was the sassafras root. The root smelled exactly like root beer, which ended up being the original recipe for the soda.


Getting back to our camp sight to prepare all the food was the highlight of the camping. I got to use Schindler’s hand made knive to chop up some rabbit for dinner. I was surprised to see how easy it was to cut the meat. It was very sharp and the handle was made out of dear antlers. Schindler said it was his dear butchering knive and I could tell he was telling the truth do to all the fur that dried on the handle. Another tool I had to use was a large rock with a pointed side that was used to open or smash pumpkins. We used the pumpkins as a bowl for our stew to cook in but we needed to cut open the pumpkin first before anything. So I had to stab it to poke A hole out of the pumpkin. I thought this was going to be an easy job but I was very wrong. My hand starting hurting and I had gotten a blister from hold on to the rock so hard. That goes to show how labor enters ice even carving a pumpkin was but certainly after a long day of scavenging food, it was well worth it.

I had definitely taken a lot of information and knowledge away from our first expedition. Food was valuable and directed the lives of the natives and how important finding calories were. Funny how people now a days want to have the least amount of calories. Like Schindler said, the way we eat today is completely opposite from how it would have been in the past. They wanted as much calories as possible and now we want the least in our diets. Just goes to show how efficient we as humans have become with food sources and daily living comfort. I personally like it much better how we live now. I would never survive with my allergies.


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